Coffee & EverWell Church Website/Insta

04 Feb
Coffee & EverWell Church Website/Insta

If we went for coffee today, here’s what I’d probably want to ask you.

1. What kind of coffee do you like? I’m out at home, need to buy some this evening at the grocery store. Which one should I try next? I like trying new brands, blends, roasts…

2. What do you think of EverWell Church’s website and Instagram look and feel? Here is their website: and their Insta:

I like it.

What I like about it is that it looks honest. I think they are portraying who they are, and what to expect. I like that.

What JUMPED out to me was the pictures of the people. What do you think about that? Is it a good thing to do? Kids? Families? Identities? Doxxing?

We are in a new season of ministry at Calvary. Some things have changed. Some have remained the same. Many of us have changed and grown and matured (and even reproduced!). Lots hasn’t changed. We should communicate that honestly through our online presence.

I’m opening my mind to the idea of pictures of people in our online presence. We could do that in the courtyard at Fourth Ave. And, it could be fun! Especially if we did it a couple times a year with the season changes. It would turn into a Jesus-party for sure.

Bonus. Here’s the bonus question. How do we invite people, communicate what’s happening around Calvary, put ourselves out there a bit… without Google or Facebook or Instagram. That’s an interesting question. It’s because I’ve recently deleted WhatsApp, FB, Messenger and Instagram. Google will take a little longer.

What do you think?

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