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Book Excerpt: “The Real Anthony Fauci” (NIAID: A Pharma Subsidiary)

Book Excerpt: “The Real Anthony Fauci” (NIAID: A Pharma Subsidiary)

How about another excerpt?

This is from the end of chapter 2, where the author has taken the time to begin to explain the connections between staff at the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and pharmaceutical companies and universities. It’s an entangled web that is funded by both the US government, but also pharmaceutical profits.

He closes the chapter with a rhetorical flourish that shows again in an easily observable way how far off the mission the agency that Dr. Fauci leads is.

It really caught my eye because so much of my daily life has been affected by the failure of this agency to stay on mission. This, as they say: “gets me right in the feels.”

“Most of us would like “America’s Doctor” to properly diagnose our illnesses using the best science, and then instruct us on how to get healthy. What if, instead of spending their entire budgets developing profitable pharmaceutical products, Dr. Fauci and the heads of other NIH (National Institute of Health) institutes deployed researchers to explore the links between glyphosate in food and the explosion of gluten allergies, the link between pesticide residues and the epidemic of neurological diseases and cancers, the casual connections between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease, between mercury from coal plants and escalating autism rates, and the association of airborne particulates with the asthma epidemic? What if NIH financed research to explore the association between childhood vaccines and the explosion of juvenile diabetes, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis, an the links between aluminium vaccine adjuvants and the epidemics of food allergies and allergic rhinitis? What if they studied the impacts of sugar and soft drinks on obesity and diabetes, and the association between endocrine disrupters, processed foods, factory farms, and GMO’s on the dramatic decline in public health? What would Americans look like if, for fifty years, we had a public health advocate running one of our top health agencies – instead of a Pharma shill? What would have happened if we’d spend that hundreds of billions of dollars on real science, instead of drug development? Dr. Fauci seems willing only to give us diagnoses and cures that benefit Big Pharma – instead of public health – and to cover his trail with artifice.”

Here’s the lines that jump out to me:

“Spending THEIR ENTIRE BUDGET developing drugs. “

“Glyphosate and gluten allergies”

“Mercury and autism“

“HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on real science instead of drug development.”

There’s definitely some questions that need to be asked and resourced. This is just a paragraph, and it has no data in it. It’s a rhetorical flourish. You’d have to read the surrounding chapters to see all the data, the myriad of connections all these supposed “experts” have that serve on committees, boards, watchdog groups and so forth and how tied into the pharmaceutical companies they are. That’s bad enough, and then to see how ultimately all the funding comes from Fauci.

This book is a few months old. There were some emails released within the last couple of days that show how Fauci has a network of “experts” all throughout the world that under his direction give “expert” witness and testimony to the media, in boards and committees and even “watchdog” groups to quash information that is damaging to pharmaceutical companies.

Meanwhile, families like ours are left with the daily consequences of these failed opportunities.

It’s so gross. Judgment will come.


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Book Excerpt: “The Real Anthony Fauci” (HCQ – Before Dr. Fauci’s Smear Campaign

Book Excerpt: “The Real Anthony Fauci” (HCQ – Before Dr. Fauci’s Smear Campaign

Here’s the first section I dog-eared and marked in the book: It’s in the section of the book where the author is examining the current response to Covid from Fauci, and it’s all just observable data, easily found and resourced. He writes:

George Washington? Seriously? Wow! And, they got it from the bark of a tree? Incredible. I love this kind of information. Kennedy continues:

“Dr. Fauci’s challenge – to prove that HCQ is dangerous – was daunting because hydroxycholoquine is a 65-year-old formula that regulators around the globe long ago approved as both safe and effective against a variety of illnesses. HCQ is an analog of the quinine found in the bark of the cinchona tree that George Washington used to protect his troops from malaria. For decades, WHO has listed HCQ as an “essential medicine,” proven effective agains a long list of ailments (footnote). It is generally benign prescription medicine, far safer – according to the manufacturer’s package inserts – than many popular over-the-counter drugs.”

GEnerations have used HCQ billions of times throughout the world, practically without restriction. During my many childhood trips to Africa, I took HCQ daily as a preventative against malaria, a ritual that millions of other African visitors and residents embrace. Long use has thoroughly established HCQ’s safety and efficacy such that most African countries authorize HCQ as an over-the-counter medication. Africans call the drug “Sunday-Sunday” because millions of them take it religiously, once a week, as a malaria prophylaxis. It’s probably not a coincidence that these nations enjoyed some of the world’s lowest mortality rates from COVID. HCQ is the #1 most used medication in India, the second-most populous nation on the planet, with 1.3 billion people. Prior to the COVID pandemic, HCQ and its progenitor, chloroquine (CQ), were freely available over the counter in most of the world, including France, Canada, Iran, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and many other countries.”

Sunday-Sunday… that’s hilarious. He makes a great point about how ubiquitous this drug is and was. I have a friend from Africa, and he commented that in his country “Praise the Lord, the Lord has been gracious to my country, because there hasn’t been many hospitalizations or deaths from Covid. There aren’t many hospitals or resources anyway. The Lord has protected us.” I have another friend from Africa, and she said that her family there says that “it’s a rich person disease.” He continues:

“In the United States, the FDA has approved HCQ without limitation for 65 years, meaning that physicians can prescribe it for any off-label use. CDC’s information sheet deems hydroxychloroquine safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, infants, elderly and immune-compromised patients and healthy persons of all ages (footnote). The CDC sets no limits on the lengthy and indefinite use of hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of malaria. Many people in Africa and India take it for a lifetime. Since its recommended protocol as a remedy for COVID requires only one week’s use, Dr. Fauci’s sudden revelation that the drug is dangerous was specious as best.”

Well… there you go. Some people take it FOR A LIFETIME for crying out loud… amazing. And, they have prescribed it for all kinds of people and it’s always been safe.

Don’t miss the footnote that takes you directly to a document on the CDC website that looks like something you would get at a tourist office instructing you on why and how to take HCQ when you go to certain places where you’re likely to get malaria.

So, you can see. I was 20 pages in, and already gob-smacked.

There’s more of course. Much more. But, that’s enough for today.

Let’s see how many excerpts I can publish! LOL.

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Book Review: “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Book Review: “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Okay, this book is explosive. Let’s just say that from the start. There’s a whole side of the world I was introduced to in starting to read it. Here’s the story.

As you know, I have many friends in Canada. A good friend, even though he never attended Calvary, came across an interview that the author did with Tucker Carlson a few weeks ago, and sent me the link. That video isn’t available anymore, except if you create an account on and watch it there.

The interview was difficult to listen to. I don’t know what the deal is with his voice. But, it was well worth the time and effort to listen. He rattled off some facts and information and statements and events in history that told a completely different story about public health than I’ve ever heard.

I was surprised to find out that he was a Kennedy, the son of Robert Kennedy and the nephew of both Senator Ed Kennedy and JFK. That was intriguing. I also didn’t realize that he was the anti-vaxxer that everyone has been talking about and trying to counter in the public square. I couldn’t figure out who they were talking about or where this information against vaccines was coming from. It was this guy! Alright, this is now the other side of the story, not only because he was a member of the Democrats, and Camelot, but also an anti-vaxxer.

My friend and I discussed the interview and then he sent me a copy of the book that was the subject of the interview.

I think it’s important to say at this point that I don’t believe everything in books. I’m actually quite sceptical. I’ve been known to not only dog-ear pages and underline while reading, but also to write in the margins how and why I disagree with the author. And, I was sceptical in picking this up and flipping through it because it was just so outside of my experience, and in that category of hard to believe.

All that to say, I tore through it. And, I’ve dog-eared lots of pages, and I’ve been sharing excerpts with others. I’ll share those same excepts with you in coming posts. I don’t know if I’m allowed to because of copyrights and so forth, but, we’ll give it a go.

One guy said that you can read this book in five minutes. Everyday, just pick it up, open to a random page, read a paragraph or two, and you’ll have plenty to stew on the rest of the day, and then do the same thing again the next day.

The way the book is structured, is he starts out by reiterating what we already know about Covid and Fauci from the beginning of 2020, and his argument is that Fauci has obviously mismanaged the response to the pandemic. It’s like he knows we have short memories, or busy lives, and don’t keep track of what we’ve been told, and what other countries and cultures have done.

And, then he starts to go back and tell Fauci’s story, how he ended up in the position he’s in, and what’s happened under his leadership over the last 40 years. Then, the story shifts over to Fauci’s relationship with Bill Gates, and then he gives Bill’s backstory, along with the context of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their connection to the Rockefeller Foundation, and their connection to vaccines stretching back to the early 1900’s.

The book closes by pulling all these backstories, and contexts together showing the scope of the web of connections all across the globe and then through news articles details what they have been doing over the last 20 years. The footnotes are overwhelming.

Eye-opening isn’t a strong enough word. Blistering wouldn’t cut it. Stunned is still too tame. Astounded is too high-brow to describe how I felt. I’m still searching for the right word. It did change me.

I will say this. The Bible is right. There is evil in this world. There are godless people. People who have no fear of God, or of divine judgment. But, judgment is coming nevertheless. And, if justice doesn’t catch up to some of these people in this life, it will greet them in the life to come. Reality is undefeated.

I’ll share some excerpts in coming posts. But, only to tease you. As a citizen of an English-speaking nation, encountering the other side of the mainstream narrative is imperative. I can’t believe this thing got printed. And, I can’t believe the author is still alive.


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Book Review: “The Language of Deep Forgiveness” by Dr. Allen Gee

Book Review: “The Language of Deep Forgiveness” by Dr. Allen Gee

Last fall, Pastor Brett Robinson graciously allowed me to use his office to host the online gathering on AltarLive for Calvary back in Ottawa through December 2nd. While I was doing that, I would peer through the stacks of books on his desk. This book was in the pile. He receives a package of books occasionally from a service called “Pastors Box.”

I’m fascinated by the topic of forgiveness. It was the lynchpin in my life. Forgiving my dad in my late teens is how I had a life-changing encounter with God, and has served as a cornerstone for my life so far.

As, I experienced more life, I saw the same principles repeated in John Eldredge’s book “Wild at Heart,” Bill Gothard’s “Institute in Basic Life Principles,” “The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous,” almost everything I’ve encountered in counselling and inner healing and marriage resources, and then most recently in processing grief from “The Grief Recovery Handbook.” Forgiveness is a key component of spiritual and emotional and even physical health. It’s also been described as an art, and something that as we get older, we can expect to get better at as the years go by. You either get “bitter or get better.” What’s guaranteed is that we will all have ample opportunities to forgive.

When it comes to forgiveness, what has really helped me is the Apostle Paul’s words in his letter to the church in Collossae. He writes: “Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you are also to forgive.” For me, that tells me that Jesus knows exactly how I feel about this situation. And, that encourages me. It also tells me that Jesus is my example on how to deal with the situation. This isn’t one of those situations like creation, where I can’t follow his example. He creates something out of nothing. Humans can’t do that. But, with forgiveness, this is something that humans, especially Christians, people who have put their faith in Christ, received the forgiveness of their sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit, this is something that we can do.

And, that’s really good news. Because the alternative, not forgiving, becoming bitter, or burying the offense down deep inside of us is poisonous. That there’s a way out is really, really good news, and we can simply follow the leader.

So, the topic always piques my interest. And, this title is “The Language of Deep Forgiveness.” It had two new words in it that I hadn’t seen before connected to forgiveness. That was “language” and “deep.”

What threw me off was that the book almost looked self-published and the author had a connection to Fuller Seminary. But, it was small and the words were big and the topic is interesting to me, and so I dove in.

I think he’s got some great insights and I think what he’s bringing to the topic can be very helpful for some people. Dr. Gee shows how that forgiveness is an act whereby we accept what’s impossible to accept. And, he does dig down deep into how we process what’s happened to us.

He says that forgiveness rests on two pillars. The law of retribution and the law of restitution. What’s been done to us has to be both repaid and punished. These are laws. It must be. And, so we have to address them in order to be released from the burden of the offense.

He then goes on to give some examples of how you would phrase things to express both what happened, what should happen as a response and what you are deciding to do about it. It’s language to help your heart and mind (and even your body) process the trauma.

And, it’s important to do it in both areas, both punishment that’s due and repayment.

I could see how this could really, really benefit some people. And, so, I recommend this little book.

You can probably find it on the internet at a huge website that starts with an “A” that doesn’t need one more cent from anyone.

But, I would encourage you to start by visiting Dr. Gee’s site – it looks like you’ll end up on the big “A” anyway, but still a good place to start.


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Family Update

Family Update

Instead of answering all the emails and phone calls… this might be a good way to share how we are doing.

I underestimated a couple of things with this transition. I knew it would be tough, but there were some parts that I didn’t anticipate.

First, I knew emotionally it would be a challenge. What I didn’t completely calculate was how it would affect everyone else in the family. That’s not to say that I would not have made the decision to relocate, no, just didn’t realize really how big of a change it is for everyone else.

Thankfully, early on, someone encouraged me to seek out “family debriefing” which is what missions agencies do for missionaries and their families when they return to the US from another culture. You would think that the Canadian culture is so similar to the one in the US and so it shouldn’t be a big deal. That’s true. But, the difference is the transition. When we went to Canada, we were excited, and it was an adventure, and we had lots of hope and expectation and wonder. This transition is different. We didn’t want this one, it’s not all that exciting, there doesn’t seem to be much adventure, and we all in different ways mourn the loss of what we had.

We are scheduled for “family debriefing” in a couple of weeks. My prayer (and I hope yours too!) is that each member of our family would have an opportunity to process all that’s happened to us, so that we can be ready and open (and have an attitude of adventure) for what’s next.

The other thing that I didn’t calculate was how much paperwork is involved. Our society is intense on the maintenance of life just in paperwork. And, because of the pandemic, it’s slow. There’s government documents, identification documents, licenses, tags, insurance, banking, tax returns, phone numbers, addresses, two factor authorizations. On top of all of that, we trip over things like app stores and blocked IP addresses to get things done.

What complicates that further is that it’s still not clear what’s next for us. We don’t know where to settle down yet, and I don’t know yet what’s next for work.

I finished officially at Calvary Ottawa on December 15th. I’m grateful for what a blessing that whole process was for me and my family. I hope it was a blessing for the church as well. Pastor John Cowan and his wife Laura are a gift from heaven distributed all around.

After that, we threw ourselves into anniversary, birthdays (2 on the same day!), and very different ways of celebrating Christmas and New Years. There’s no snow. It wasn’t even cold. We all missed “Christmas in the Park.”

In that period of time, we did get around and started visiting potential schools for Olivia. She’s done well at home with the A.C.E curriculum, but we could see how she would really thrive to be in a school that offers that curriculum in a dedicated “learning center.” Just before the holiday break, we visited a small school in St. Petersburg that looks like it will be a good fit.

We enrolled her and one of the big reasons I’m able to write this post is because she’s on her third day there, and it appears to be going swimmingly. She LOVES wearing a uniform and has already made a couple of acquaintances by bringing her bubble mixture and wand for the times of recesses.

My heart is full of gratitude for people that pursue that calling of investing in children, and do it well, because they love the Lord.

While we wait a few weeks to ensure that it’s a good fit, I’ve been connecting with a couple of local pastors and volunteering. I’m happy to report that I was able to teach the Bible on Wednesday morning to a group of young people including my eldest daughter at Zeal School of Ministry. That was a real delight. I haven’t taught since October 17th in Ottawa. Well, I did share for a couple of minutes at the U-Turn Ranch in California… but not a full Bible Study.

Oh yes, and I’ve been reading some interesting books. I’ll share some reviews in upcoming posts.

We’ve also been visiting churches in the area. We wanted to see what was going on down here in the Calvary Chapels and we’ve even visited some churches that aren’t Calvary Chapels… just to see what’s going on, what the Lord is doing. I doubt I will write publicly about that, maybe I’ll make some general observations about the culture at some point.

Oh… and I stopped drinking coffee a few months ago. I don’t want to change my blog name though! LOL. I still love it. The problem was I loved it too much, and the caffeine was wreaking havoc in my body.

So, that’s the update. And, if we went for coffee today and had some time we would likely hit all of those topics at some point.


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