Book Excerpt: “The Real Anthony Fauci” (HCQ – Before Dr. Fauci’s Smear Campaign

15 Jan
Book Excerpt: “The Real Anthony Fauci” (HCQ – Before Dr. Fauci’s Smear Campaign

Here’s the first section I dog-eared and marked in the book: It’s in the section of the book where the author is examining the current response to Covid from Fauci, and it’s all just observable data, easily found and resourced. He writes:

George Washington? Seriously? Wow! And, they got it from the bark of a tree? Incredible. I love this kind of information. Kennedy continues:

“Dr. Fauci’s challenge – to prove that HCQ is dangerous – was daunting because hydroxycholoquine is a 65-year-old formula that regulators around the globe long ago approved as both safe and effective against a variety of illnesses. HCQ is an analog of the quinine found in the bark of the cinchona tree that George Washington used to protect his troops from malaria. For decades, WHO has listed HCQ as an “essential medicine,” proven effective agains a long list of ailments (footnote). It is generally benign prescription medicine, far safer – according to the manufacturer’s package inserts – than many popular over-the-counter drugs.”

GEnerations have used HCQ billions of times throughout the world, practically without restriction. During my many childhood trips to Africa, I took HCQ daily as a preventative against malaria, a ritual that millions of other African visitors and residents embrace. Long use has thoroughly established HCQ’s safety and efficacy such that most African countries authorize HCQ as an over-the-counter medication. Africans call the drug “Sunday-Sunday” because millions of them take it religiously, once a week, as a malaria prophylaxis. It’s probably not a coincidence that these nations enjoyed some of the world’s lowest mortality rates from COVID. HCQ is the #1 most used medication in India, the second-most populous nation on the planet, with 1.3 billion people. Prior to the COVID pandemic, HCQ and its progenitor, chloroquine (CQ), were freely available over the counter in most of the world, including France, Canada, Iran, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and many other countries.”

Sunday-Sunday… that’s hilarious. He makes a great point about how ubiquitous this drug is and was. I have a friend from Africa, and he commented that in his country “Praise the Lord, the Lord has been gracious to my country, because there hasn’t been many hospitalizations or deaths from Covid. There aren’t many hospitals or resources anyway. The Lord has protected us.” I have another friend from Africa, and she said that her family there says that “it’s a rich person disease.” He continues:

“In the United States, the FDA has approved HCQ without limitation for 65 years, meaning that physicians can prescribe it for any off-label use. CDC’s information sheet deems hydroxychloroquine safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, infants, elderly and immune-compromised patients and healthy persons of all ages (footnote). The CDC sets no limits on the lengthy and indefinite use of hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of malaria. Many people in Africa and India take it for a lifetime. Since its recommended protocol as a remedy for COVID requires only one week’s use, Dr. Fauci’s sudden revelation that the drug is dangerous was specious as best.”

Well… there you go. Some people take it FOR A LIFETIME for crying out loud… amazing. And, they have prescribed it for all kinds of people and it’s always been safe.

Don’t miss the footnote that takes you directly to a document on the CDC website that looks like something you would get at a tourist office instructing you on why and how to take HCQ when you go to certain places where you’re likely to get malaria.

So, you can see. I was 20 pages in, and already gob-smacked.

There’s more of course. Much more. But, that’s enough for today.

Let’s see how many excerpts I can publish! LOL.

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