Book Excerpts: “The Real Anthony Fauci” – Chapter 10 – More Harm Than Good

19 Jan
Book Excerpts: “The Real Anthony Fauci” – Chapter 10 – More Harm Than Good

My dad used to say, “if they let you shoot the gun, shoot it until they take it away from you.” It was in reference to preaching in churches. It should be obvious that he wasn’t talking about a literal gun, but using it as a metaphor for doing something good that needed to be done, for the joy of doing it, recognizing that there may not be much time.

That’s how I feel with these book excerpts. As long as I can post them, I’ll keep doing it!

Here’s the one that I usually start with. It’s the one that stunned me the most. And, it’s personal. It really doesn’t have anything to do with Covid-19 or the Covid vaccines, or the lockdowns or anything. It has to do with childhood vaccines. Look at what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writes in a section titled “Allergy to Placebo Testing”:

“Most medicinal products cannot get licensed without first undergoing randomized placebo-controlled trials that compare health outcomes — including all-cause mortalities — in medicated versus unmedicated cohorts. Tellingly, in March 2017, I met with Dr. Fauci, Francis Collins and a White House referee (and separately with Peter Marks from CBER at FDA) to complain that HHS was, by then, mandating 69 doses of sixteen vaccines (footnote) for America’s children, none of which had ever been tested for safety against placebos prior to licensing. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins denied that this was true and insisted that those vaccines were safety tested. They were unable, however, after several weeks, to provide us a single citation for a single clinical trial using an inert placebo against a vaccine. In October 2017, Del Bigtree and Aaron Siri — who both attended these meetings — joined me in suing HHS under the Freedom of Information Act to produce the long-promised safety studies. (footnote) Ten months after the meeting with Fauci and Collins, on the courthouse steps, HHS admitted that we were, in fact, correct: none of the mandated childhood vaccines had been tested for safety in pre-licensing inert placebo tests. (footnote). The best of Bill Gates’s African vaccines are all on this list. But Bill Gates also uses a large retinue of much more dangerous and demonstrably ineffective vaccines in Africa — ones that Western countries have actually rejected because of dire safety signals.”

The footnotes are illuminating.

However… what jumped off the page to me was…


And, when you read their response, in the last footnote… argh! Especially when you compare that to the second footnote which is the letter they were responding to.

This is a scam. And, it needs to end.

That last line, about how Bill Gates uses the vaccines, that Western countries have rejected, in Africa is a straight up crime.

I won’t go into the detail here, you’ll need to read the book to get the details of that. Crazy stuff. Like doing vaccinations that include sterilization ingredients, in only women of childbearing age. All the vaccines were kept in a hotel, along with the medical staff, so that no vaccines are left lying around for anyone to pick up and run some tests on. Every morning, the staff would leave the hotel with the vaccines, go administer them in some remote area, and then pack up and go back to the hotel every night. And, then they tied funding for public health from the WHO or the UN to the percentage of vaccine uptake among the population.

That’s a crime against humanity.

And, if it doesn’t move you, then maybe what they did in NY for years among foster kids with vaccine trials for HIV might.

Again, it’s detailed in this book. Too much to write here.

I’ve got one more excerpt I want to share with you in another post.

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