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Book Review: “Dealing With Difficult People” – Harvard Business Review

Book Review: “Dealing With Difficult People” – Harvard Business Review

A friend at Calvary loaned me this book. He had read it, found it helpful and was seeing if I would like it.

I found it helpful.

The book is a compilation of essays that they have previously published in a periodical. They put similar topics together for this little book. It’s part of their “Emotional Intelligence” series.

Here’s the titles of the essays:

1. To Resolve a Conflict, First Decide: Is it Hot or Cold – Aim for warmth by Mark Gerzon

2. Taking the Stress Out of Stressful Conversations – How to talk when you’re emotionally entangled by Holly Weeks

3. The Secret to Dealing with Difficult People: It’s About You – Three new lenses to try on by Tony Schwartz

4. How to Deal with a Mean Colleague – Stand up for yourself by Amy Gallo

5. How to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Colleague – Don’t accuse them by Amy Gallo

6. How to Work with Someone Who’s Always Stressed Out – Celebrate their victories by Rebecca Knight

7. How to Manage Someone Who Thinks Everything is Urgent – Help them see consequences by Liz Kislik

8. Do You Hate Your Boss? – Managing up when your personalities clash by Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries

It’s obviously not a Christian book, but it was a helpful book, as it is dealing in the area of wisdom, specifically how to be wise in these various situations. Is it gospel? Nope… but some good suggestions, and some new approaches to what are often confounding problems.

In my case, a couple of the chapters were answers to prayer. I needed help in a couple of relationships, I had been praying about them, and felt like the Lord had answered that prayer by providing some counsel from others who had some success in similar situations.

So… helpful book!

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Book Review – “Why Liberalism Failed” by Patrick Deneen

Book Review – “Why Liberalism Failed” by Patrick Deneen

“Why Liberalism Failed” by Patrick Deneen
“Maranatha” is my one word reaction to this book.
This was a very illuminating yet troubling book.
Professor Deneen explains why there’s so much distrust by the right and anger among the left of our liberal democracies. It’s actually the fruit of the liberal democracy ideology, 500 years in the making. And there’s no fix.
It’s true, it’s been a more long lasting model than fascism and monarchy. But, it, and therefore we, are in trouble. The natural next steps are undoubtedly brutal.
Barack Obama wrote that this book “offers cogent insights into the loss of leaning and community that many in the West feel.”
Ross Douthat commented with one word: “bracing.”
I’d LOVE to talk with someone else in #Ottawa that has read this and would be willing to discuss it.
In the meantime, the road ahead is to continue to share the hope we as Christians have in the good news that sets people free. It’s also to invest in local culture making activities with households and families, encouraging self-control, industry and thick community ties and relationships.
Character always makes the biggest difference no matter the situation. We have to give that gift to the next generation, especially our children.
Mr. Deneen, if you happen to read this, thank you. It’s my first political science book. And I’m indebted to you for expanding my thinking.

(Originally posted a while ago on my recently deleted profile on an undesirable platform.)

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