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Book Review: “Reconnected Kids – Help Your Child Achieve Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance” by Robert Melillo

Book Review: “Reconnected Kids – Help Your Child Achieve Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance” by Robert Melillo

A few months ago, I visited my friend Art Dykstra for lunch on a weekday. Afterwards, we stopped by the church to continue our conversation. While I was there, I met a retired pastor, serving as an associate. He was intriguing to me because he had been with the Navigators for many decades and had lots of adventures in ministry.

As we introduced ourselves, talking about our families and lives, he mentioned to me that he had an autistic grandson that had been tremendously helped by the “Brain Balance” program. He hadn’t been functioning at school very well, and since the program had made some dramatic improvements and was now doing well at university both academically and socially. He suggested I do some research.

Long story short, we are a month into the 6 month program for one of my children. When we first signed up, they loaned me a copy of Dr. Melillo’s first book “Disconnected Kids” which explained what Brain Balance is and what problems it is designed to address. In short, his analysis is that ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, ODD and Dyslexia is the result of one (or both) of the hemisphere’s of the brain that are underdeveloped and causes the two sides to be “disconnected” from each other. The remedy is to stimulate the hemisphere that is delayed through non-invasive, physical exercises and activities.

He’s been doing this for over 20 years, has several centres around the country, and boasts a 70% success rate among thousands of kids.

Reconnected Kids” is his follow up book, this time seeking to help families adjust to the new reality of a child’s behaviour during and after the program.

What he says he found was that they could help the child, but really needed to help parents make some positive and healthy changes to their families and homes in order for everyone involved to thrive and grow closer to their potential.

The book opens with a rundown of the typical American family. I was surprised to read such a traditional understanding of life from a non-religious book. He goes on to talk about how the brain of a child develops from a neurological perspective and then explains what happens when it doesn’t follow that normal path.

From there, he takes the time to tediously go through the various stages of development that children go through as they grow physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically. This matches what is readily available in research, commonly available in Pediatrics. This section includes an assessment to determine if one (or both) hemispheres may need some work.

In the heart of the book, Dr. Melillo tells a bit of his own story and how a personal health crisis “woke him up” to the reality of the brevity of life and motivated him to become much more intentional with the time, talent, passion and treasure he’d been given.

He becomes incredibly detailed and inspirational as he lays out the roadmap for what he’s called “The Family Empowerment Program” to help parents become intentional about their own lives and families. It’s not theory, as he gives examples of families and people that he’s worked with through the program and their success and setbacks.

He’s really laying his heart out, and in my estimation, providing parents something really helpful. This is parenting that we aspire to, and it’s something that provides every opportunity for our children to discover and use the tools for a meaningful life themselves.

The book closes with a brief explanation of the Brain Balance program, along with a chapter of testimonials from parents.

This book spread quite a few seeds in my thinking. They will need a little time to germinate. Much of what he’s advocating for is already part of my habits, but there’s another dimension to it that I hadn’t considered yet.

The main hesitation that I have to implementing all that he recommends is considering how this intersects with the reality of the Spirit-led life of a Christian as described by the New Testament. I’m not sure of the contours of that intersection quite yet. I do believe these ideas are complimentary, but have only seen where they are contradictory in real life.

This means, that I’m considering Jesus afresh, having been given a new perspective to peer at his example through.

If by some chance, Dr. Melillo comes across this, you’ve given parents a precious and valuable gift in your work. Thank you. May the Lord richly bless you.

How about you? Have you heard of Brain Balance? Do you have any experience with it? What parenting resource did you find the most helpful?


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Book Excerpt: “The Real Anthony Fauci” (NIAID: A Pharma Subsidiary)

Book Excerpt: “The Real Anthony Fauci” (NIAID: A Pharma Subsidiary)

How about another excerpt?

This is from the end of chapter 2, where the author has taken the time to begin to explain the connections between staff at the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and pharmaceutical companies and universities. It’s an entangled web that is funded by both the US government, but also pharmaceutical profits.

He closes the chapter with a rhetorical flourish that shows again in an easily observable way how far off the mission the agency that Dr. Fauci leads is.

It really caught my eye because so much of my daily life has been affected by the failure of this agency to stay on mission. This, as they say: “gets me right in the feels.”

“Most of us would like “America’s Doctor” to properly diagnose our illnesses using the best science, and then instruct us on how to get healthy. What if, instead of spending their entire budgets developing profitable pharmaceutical products, Dr. Fauci and the heads of other NIH (National Institute of Health) institutes deployed researchers to explore the links between glyphosate in food and the explosion of gluten allergies, the link between pesticide residues and the epidemic of neurological diseases and cancers, the casual connections between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease, between mercury from coal plants and escalating autism rates, and the association of airborne particulates with the asthma epidemic? What if NIH financed research to explore the association between childhood vaccines and the explosion of juvenile diabetes, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis, an the links between aluminium vaccine adjuvants and the epidemics of food allergies and allergic rhinitis? What if they studied the impacts of sugar and soft drinks on obesity and diabetes, and the association between endocrine disrupters, processed foods, factory farms, and GMO’s on the dramatic decline in public health? What would Americans look like if, for fifty years, we had a public health advocate running one of our top health agencies – instead of a Pharma shill? What would have happened if we’d spend that hundreds of billions of dollars on real science, instead of drug development? Dr. Fauci seems willing only to give us diagnoses and cures that benefit Big Pharma – instead of public health – and to cover his trail with artifice.”

Here’s the lines that jump out to me:

“Spending THEIR ENTIRE BUDGET developing drugs. “

“Glyphosate and gluten allergies”

“Mercury and autism“

“HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on real science instead of drug development.”

There’s definitely some questions that need to be asked and resourced. This is just a paragraph, and it has no data in it. It’s a rhetorical flourish. You’d have to read the surrounding chapters to see all the data, the myriad of connections all these supposed “experts” have that serve on committees, boards, watchdog groups and so forth and how tied into the pharmaceutical companies they are. That’s bad enough, and then to see how ultimately all the funding comes from Fauci.

This book is a few months old. There were some emails released within the last couple of days that show how Fauci has a network of “experts” all throughout the world that under his direction give “expert” witness and testimony to the media, in boards and committees and even “watchdog” groups to quash information that is damaging to pharmaceutical companies.

Meanwhile, families like ours are left with the daily consequences of these failed opportunities.

It’s so gross. Judgment will come.


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