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Compost Bins and CryptoAssets

Compost Bins and CryptoAssets

If we went for a coffee today, at some point we would talk about what happened to my compost bin yesterday.

I think it was so cold, -20, that when the men came around to empty it the plastic was so brittle it just shattered when it got knocked or banged. It’s thick plastic, so this is pretty awesome to see.

Compost Bin at -20

The other thing we could chat about is CryptoAssets and Cryptocurrency. I’m beginning to pay closer attention to what’s happening. I have a good friend that bough a Bitcoin back when it was $1500.00. He’s laughing today.

What makes it even more interesting is all that’s going on in the central banking system, quantitative easing and all the moves by Wall Street recently.

It struck me yesterday that the major news media may need to be interpreted as the opposite of what I should do. That was weird.

Have you read Mark Cubans essay on CryptoAssets as a SOV (Store of Value)? It’s here. Cubans Blog

What do you think about that? What’s your experience with compost bins and CryptoAssets? Do you have a helpful opinion?


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